A Friendly Reminder: Flexibility should be for everyone.




“Let’s make those who don’t want children, have already had children or may not have children for many years feel like their lives outside the office matter, too.”

This is a lovely reminder that Flexibility needs to be adopted by everyone in an organisation …. Join the FlexConnect Team today to equip you in introducing the Flexibility Model for your Organisation, for Everyone!


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The Incredibles

OK, so juggling isn’t your forte, ours either, but we’ve found a family that juggles a full life – working professional parents, 5 kids, 4 families, 1 very gorgeous dog, 15 acres, sporting events, school drop off and pick up and manage to be so happy.  They talk about the kids being the barometer of their family.  They have family meetings, regularly.  No subject is off limits.  This is a family of incredible care and communication skills, and we are profoundly grateful to Steve & Liv Zan for letting us have a privileged sneak peak into their beautiful, caring and organised lives, that for most of us ordinary folk would turn into some sort of chaos, but for them, works like a well oiled machine.  But it wasn’t without hard work, dedication and a solidarity of leading by example by Steve & Liv.  There’s some lessons here that were hard fought, not without trial and error but delightfully the universe has rewarded their hard work and commitment to provide a strong, stable, reliable and comfortable home and work life for all of them, all 8 of them (dog included of course!).

So what was the secret for them.  Steve is a Change Manager and has applied those principles from the workplace into his family life.  Communication, Consultation, regular Family Meetings and a clear and unwavering support of each other.  Liv is absolutely gorgeous and nurturing in her role of keeping the Zan Ship full steam ahead and pursuing her career.  She speaks delightfully about the joys of study, being a Mum and entering the workforce and finding her confidence and balance.

We were so privileged to get an insight to the workings of a blended family who clearly have a focus on providing strong, considered, nurture and love to their lives and the lives of their gorgeous kids.  A true privilege to hear their story, and we truly think they are the incredibles.

Wonder Woman


We are delighted to bring you, the one, the only, the delightful, incredibly talented, gorgeous, considerate and effervescent Angela Sparano to our Podcast Chewing the Fat on Flexibility.  Angela is one of the most delightful, pragmatic, strategic, consultative, passionate and engaged HR Practitioners (how manages risk not puts roadblocks in business’ way!) we have had the privilege to know over the last 10 years and we’re delighted she’s sharing her story on Chewing the Fat on Flexibility.

Angela is now on a delightful flexibility journey, 15 years into her career and we couldn’t be more proud of her pursuing her passion in the artistic field of Interior Design and continuing in her professional pursuit as a HR Professional.

Angela is a gorgeous woman (guys, I’m hunting down a suitor for her so send your CV with supporting “qualifications” to me so I can screen you appropriately 😉 ).  She’s a real Honey, someone whom I’m blessed to have known and worked with who has carved her own path in the flexibility field without the back up of legislation, but truly because she’s a hard working amazing woman.  I’m delighted to bring you this PodCast tonight and I hope you enjoy as much as I’ve enjoyed knowing this amazing woman!

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Terrified of being pregnant? Well, you shouldn’t be, but it can be a roller coaster ride ….


There’s only one way the lot of working women is likely to change, according to the director of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, Libby Lyons, and that’s for men to take more time off.

Come on guys, we know how hard it is to stay at home with the kids, that’s why the majority of you buggers do the full-time work and minimal housework.  This is not a criticism, it’s been the way of our times for a long long long (too much?) time.  But times are a changing, don’t you want to be more involved at home?  Hang out with the kids, do those lovely housey chores you agreed with your partner to do, and let your partner enjoy some professional and personal satisfaction too?

What, you do?  Times are a changing, for women and men.  The dialogue has started, the tide is slowly changing, and we recognise it’s hard for everyone, blokes and ladies, to get the mix right, but we’re talking about it right?  Agreeing to trial some changes, take more responsibility for different things in our life to support our partners’ professional lives, personal achievements and wellbeing as well as contributing significantly to the harmony of home?  Well, I reckon we need to tackle the issue together.

“I firmly believe that the way we are going to get real change in this area is by men embracing flexible work practices for themselves,” Libby Lyon, head of the WGEA says. “Challenging themselves in saying that actually I don’t have to sit at my desk between 8am and 6pm, that there is another way of working that I can be as productive, if not more productive, and as happy, if not happier, in my work by challenging and changing the way that I work.”

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