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by Helen Butler , 1 July 2016


There’s only one way the lot of working women is likely to change, according to the director of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, Libby Lyons, and that’s for men to take more time off.

Come on guys, we know how hard it is to stay at home with the kids, that’s why the majority of you buggers do the full-time work and minimal housework.  This is not a criticism, it’s been the way of our times for a long long long (too much?) time.  But times are a changing, don’t you want to be more involved at home?  Hang out with the kids, do those lovely housey chores you agreed with your partner to do, and let your partner enjoy some professional and personal satisfaction too?

What, you do?  Times are a changing, for women and men.  The dialogue has started, the tide is slowly changing, and we recognise it’s hard for everyone, blokes and ladies, to get the mix right, but we’re talking about it right?  Agreeing to trial some changes, take more responsibility for different things in our life to support our partners’ professional lives, personal achievements and wellbeing as well as contributing significantly to the harmony of home?  Well, I reckon we need to tackle the issue together.

“I firmly believe that the way we are going to get real change in this area is by men embracing flexible work practices for themselves,” Libby Lyon, head of the WGEA says. “Challenging themselves in saying that actually I don’t have to sit at my desk between 8am and 6pm, that there is another way of working that I can be as productive, if not more productive, and as happy, if not happier, in my work by challenging and changing the way that I work.”

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