Resources to help you with Kids @ Home

For all of you today who have kids at home – here’s some helpful resources to get you through.

Virtual art Gallery Tours
Maths lessons for kids 4-18
22 ways to leave home without leaving your couch
Science – interactive sim Science to the Max!
Online Art classes with your kids
World Geography Games

Some ideas that have cropped up as well which you might want to try:
– Bear Hunt

– Treasure Hunt

– Red Rover (for us oldies, now commonly known as Bullrush)

– Kick the Can- Kick the Footy – actually, any ball!

– Bike Ride (with appropriate self distancing)

– Walk the Dog

– Baking & Sewing

– Arts & Craft (yep, we cleaned out our Craft Drawer yesterday, it’s that time to break out the glitter and glue, make your Friends, Neighbour or someone in a Nursing Home a card & send)

Enjoy your day! We will be sending out more tips during the day. Be kind to each other!