It’s Flexible Working Day!

by Helen Butler , 22 May 2019

It’s National Flexible Working Day! What does it mean for you?  What does it look like for you? FlexConnect & Inspired People Solutions, want to hear from you – join our team and get ready to get flexible! Let’s lead the way in balancing.

Let’s be better   |    Let’s do better

Let’s lead the change we want for ourselves, our families, our community.

FlexConnect & Inspired People Solutions are committed to Flexibility, engaging and equipping Individuals, Families, Managers & Businesses bring flexibility to a reality.   As we all embark on the next chapter in our lives, we are paving the way to creating a new world in which we live and work.  The make-up of families is diverse, and our reasons for wanting and seeking flexibility and lifestyle choices are different, but we should all be given the possibility and potential to grow and explore, experience life alongside our careers and how we can help each other, is important.

We have found businesses who support flexibility, are adaptable and creative in their care and management of people reap benefits holistically from their staff, whilst those staff improve their lifestyle, home, family and community.  Social Enterprise is coming, and it’s bigger than 9-5, it’s a change in work, it’s a change in lifestyle, it’s a change to our Community.

FlexConnect and Inspired People are unique in that we work for you – our network spans across regional and city divides, we understand the pressures, demands, lifestyle factors across each divide, and we work nation wide to work with you, your companies to provide the best talent to enhance and make your workplace a place where community, prosperity, unity and objectives thrive.

Get on Board today – join the team that works with you, for you, because of you.

Candidates: Join our Talented Candidate Pool Here.

Business:  Reach out here and make a time to chat about your people needs and how we can work with you to attract, engage and retain the best talent for your Business

Flexible Work: How to Guides and Assistance for Employees & Employers

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 Flexible Working Day

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