Helen Butler & Ness Rawson | Why do 8.8 million Australians live regionally?

by Helen Butler , 4 August 2020

We are delighted to be joined by the ever effervescent Ness Rawson from her gorgeous home in Heathcote, while Melbourne forges ahead with tighter COVID19 restrictions, Ness is safe and well and forging ahead with her vision for Australians thinking about a sea or tree change.

Ness talks to us today about how the regions are faring post drought, bushfires and now COVID19.   We’re both passionate about work and flexibility but also tree & sea change and Ness’ visions of “why 8.8 million Australians live regionally” is coming to life in her community initiative “Join the Crew”.

Check her out on FaceBook at Join the Crew and her website at http://jointhecrew.com.au/.

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