Beating Those Interview Blues

by Helen Butler , 14 March 2015

Your CV scored you an interview and now it’s time to seal the deal. So how do you beat those interview nerves and score the role you were born to fill?

After a string of random jobs, Jo Cole got her big break in magazine publishing as a staff writer, then worked her way through the ranks over the next 16 years before going freelance. Jo compiled her best interview tips to keep your nerves under control.

  1. Don’t assume the worst. According to Interview Coach Margaret Buj, “A lot of people see an interview as an opportunity for being rejected. However as a recruiter, every time a candidate walks through the door, the interviewer is hoping it’ll be the right one. Change your mindset and you’ll be more positive, more enthusiastic and have more success.”
  2. Preparation, preparation, preparation. The key to being calm lies in good preparation. A calm person gives the impression of being in control. Someone who is out of breath, windswept and trips over their words does not.
  3. Visualise the interview. Run through the interview in your head to prepare for the kind of questions you could be asked. It’s far better to plan an answer at home than fumble one in the interview.
  4. Appearance counts. Plan what you’re wearing and ensure it’s something you are comfortable in. You want your body language to be open, friendly and engaging, so make good eye contact and be animated. If you act confident, you will trick yourself into becoming confident.
  5. Don’t forget to be human. The danger of rehearsing answers, preening yourself and making eye contact is that you can end up looking like an extra from The Stepford Wives. Managing Director of City CV Victoria McLean says, “The interview is a dialogue between two people. The more it can feel like a natural conversation the better.”

For more advice, you can read the full article.

The bottom line – it’s okay to feel anxious but try your best to hide it. A job interview is like a theatrical performance – put on a one-woman or a one-man show starring the best possible you. With enough preparation, you may not feel anxious at all.

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