A Helpful Guide 4 Kids@Home

by Helen Butler , 7 April 2020

Fun with Kids@Home

The Ultimate Guide & Activities for Kids@Home includes:

  • Story Times
  • Drawing Lessons
  • Music Classes & Performance
  • Learning
  • Arts & Film & Music Lessons
  • Audio Books & Virtual Storytime
  • Virtual Tours
  • Fun & Games

Virtual Storytimes (Scheduled all times in Pacific Time)

Virtual Drawing Lessons

Music Classes & Performances

Learning and Other Activities


Getting Online

Educational Activities & Lesson Plans

Arts, Film, and Music Lessons & Resources

Audiobooks & Virtual Storytime

Virtual Tours

Fun & Games

Join us below | We’ll keep providing your with Tools & Resources to get through this time | Whether it’s work updates or juggling Kids@Home – it’s all free for you.  Join us!

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