by Helen Butler , 2 April 2020

We sincerely hope this finds you safe, well and healthy, along with your Colleagues, Family and Friends.

By way of update, we’ve provided you with QRGs below in relation to a range of issues related to CVOID-19 and its implications across Australia.

We know you’re probably sick of talking about it, hearing updates on it, and being stuck at home because of it.  We know, we get it.  So, we wanted to give you information with the important stuff – Legislation impacts, Stimulus updates, but also really really importantly, how to work with your Team, equip your Managers and Employees on the change that is working remotely and flexibly.  Also, working with kids at home, partners at home and the changes that brings. 

So, we’ve included information and links below, obviously, just click on what is relevant to you and if there’s things that will help your Team, pass on.  You’re a valued member of our Inspired People Community and we’re in this together.

So, here’s what we’ve prepared this week and what we’ve been talking to your Peers about this week:

Stimulus Package –|There’s a few of these out recently – we’ve got JobKeeper & JobSeeker Packages available to support our Employees and Employers. We’ve done a QRG for you with Fact Sheets and also HOW TO APPLY!  Click on the link for further information.

The PM also announced today changes to Childcare and IR laws. By way of snapshot:


From Sun night, it will be free.  Temporarily shutting off old system, Gov’t will now provide payments to Centres on 2 conditions:

  1. Centre must remain open
  2. Must seek to re-enrol parents who have dropped out.

In IR news:

  • major changes to 3 Industrial Awards – Restaurants, Hospitality, Clerks (2M + workers). 
  • Workers can swap duties and classifications,
  • WFH permitted
  • Employees can take longer annual leave at a reduced rate (ie. Double the duration of leave at ½ pay)
  • Further changes to another 103 Awards
  • Employees granted 2 weeks of unpaid pandemic leave,

We’ll keep you posted on this legislation as it passes through the House of Reps & Senate.  We will be posting a PodCast shortly about the Job Keeper Package and issues Employers may face managing this.

OHS & Ergonomic Checklists | All your Employees should have completed these for you and returned to you.  If they haven’t, here’s some templates to get you through. Get these done ASAP so you mitigate any risk around WorkSafe OK!

IT/Data/Wifi Issues @ Home | In relation to setting up your team for Remote Ready, and because it’s been more reactive than planned, if your Employees are juggling data/wifi plans, check out this link so they can access data through their provider as a short-term fix to getting your IT strategy in place.

For Employees with Kids @ Home

Here’s the list.  THE LIST.  It’s got everything on it.  Things to do together, things that will get you chunks of time at your desk and working with the Kids on Projects.  And it covers all ages. 

As our Teachers are preparing to move Term 2 to an online curriculum, ABC Education has announced that it will run a program “School on TV” on ABC2 for Kids@Home.  Here’s the link.

Something that is critical during this time is Connection.  Your mental health and your teams’ mental health is critical during this time.  Please remember to have your personal check-ins, listen to our PodCast by Amy Phillips where we define roles in teams and dedicated people to be Thinkers, Carers and Do-ers.  It’s really critical during this time to have your virtual cup of teas, conversations, connections.  Pick up the phone or have your own personal conversations.  More coming on this shortly.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if there’s any issues your struggling to work through, we are here to help.

Inspired People Solutions

Pandemic Partners Community | Have your Team join this community as it shortcuts all that you need to make your Remote Read | Kids @ Home | Daily tips to get your through quarantine, and we have a sense of humour 

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