What a Week …..

What a week …… Thank goodness it’s wine time

OK, so it’s been great to be able to help you this last week and a half to get your workforce mobilized and working from home.

Now, what you should have in place, if your workforce is working from home is everyone having set themselves up in an ergonomically and safe office space and every employee should have completed and returned to you an Ergonomic/OHS Assessment of their work area.  If you need copies of these, click here.

You need to be mindful of a few things for your Team.  Connectedness.  Some people have not worked from home previously, schedule morning and afternoon stand-ups or meetings with them, set the Agenda, expectations, and then please remember to do your virtual check-ins.  I call them the virtual cup of tea.  When you get up to make yourself a tea or coffee, call a Team Member.  See what they are up to, how they are going, how’s the pace of work going, what they have been doing in their down-time, PodCasts, TV series etc.  Engage engage engage.   There’s no communal kitchen anymore, it’s your phone or your Slack program.  Please remember to touch base as people’s mental health is just as important as their physical health.  We will touch more on this next week.

Then there are those of your Team who have kids home.  This will be critically important in terms of productivity.  This is where you get down to carving out hours of availability.  Work with your Team as it’s hard to get work done with kids around.  So, this is where you can be flexible, agile and also, think about how you carve out your work. 

We have a Manager’s ToolKit about job-sharing and managing employees who work part-time.  Depending upon how long this Pandemic and the self-distancing recommendations are in place, we can help you manage flexible working arrangements, changes to people’s roles and equip your Managers and Teams to be more versatile, creative, productive during a time of uncertainty.  If done right, this will bring about great collaboration, consultation and bring your team closer.   Call Helen Butler in our Team who specializes in this area of managing variations and we will provide you with the Tools and strategy for this to be implemented.

There are those of you that may have to reduce your workforce.  This is a very trying and hard time for a lot of businesses and employees.  We understand that.  We have guides, information that can help you if you have to reduce your workforce, but would implore you to reach out to us with a view to thinking creatively around this.  Think about splitting roles, asking for reduced hours, employees taking leave entitlements.  Click here for Hall & Wilcox’s article outlining a few things for Employers to think about.  Please reach out to us to discuss your situation, how we can think collaboratively and creatively, but also be responsible in managing the business requirements and employee outcomes. 

Please use the resources we have set up for you.  Click on the links below for a whole lot of information to assist you in the CVOID-19 Pandemic – not only business but also managing home. We have a FaceBook Page set up to help you with business, home, lifestyle and managing kids at home.  It’s fun, it’s great to ask questions, recommend things for kids & adults whilst we’re in a bit of self-distancing.  Join us, we’re here to help you and would encourage you to reach out!

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We will also have a PodCast series up and running next week to help you out with all the latest issues and how we can help you get through this time.

We’ve always been here to help.  We will continue to help you, we value you in our Community and are very happy to work with you to get through this Pandemic.  Take care, enjoy your weekend and we will catch up with you soon.

Your Team @ Inspired People

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