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by Helen Butler , 25 March 2020

We’ve found the best way to start the day today, just shake it off by Tay Tay, an oldie but a goodie, but we’ve found an older one – the best way to start your day is Music in the Shower (am I right?) – a bit of Kylie M hit our selection this morning with some – I can’t get you out of my Head. Go on, do it, put it on as loud as you can in the Shower, you’ll feel better for it and get motivated for your day.

We’ve themed today Wacky Wednesday today as we are now Day 13 in Social Distancing (AKA Juggling, work, family & kids @ home 24/7) and have a few tips to help you through the day.

First, we’ve found Music is key. To get you in the mood, my good mate and Fabulous Lawyer & HR Extraordinaire, Kylie has shared this wonderful playlist on Spotify.

Music, PodCasts, Audible will help you get through the day – Unless I’m writing Tenders, I always have something going on in the Background. Audible have just dropped a whole heap of Books for free. If you’re an AFL Member, KAYO have 2 months subscription at under $3,/mth (your Club should have emailed you with a login key) so you can have those backlisted AFL Grand Finals going in the background (yes background) to give you some semblance of office noise.

Stay Connected 

Keep up your calling! It’s really important to stay in touch, be connected. We have a PodCast Channel up and running and will be adding more tips on Flexible Working on their this week and also interviews from HR Managers and what they are doing in light of CVOID-19. Here’s the link to the iTunes Page. Also have a back catalogue of Working Flexibly PodCasts that could be really helpful for your Managers. cover all aspects of Flexibility – part-time, job share, remote working, balancing family with 2 part-time working Parents for example. It’s called, are you ready for it Chewing the Fat on Flexibility. Yep, you’re going to love it!!

If you would like to be part of this PodCast Program, sing out, we’d love to hear from you!


On a serious note, we have more resources and tips up for you at our website. Please click on and use these resources. We will be pulling more material together for you to manage remote working. We have a Manager’s Toolkit available, Policies, How to Guides, Tips from Managers who manage remote workforces and stay connected. We’re here to help you. Helen Butler is our point of contact during CVOID-19 and all her details are below – get in touch!

Don’t forget exercise.
Avoid the Hunch-Back!!

Here’s some links to help you just stretch:

Best Stretches for Office Workers
10 Best Stretches for Office Workers
29 Exercises You Can Do At (Or Near) Your Desk Stretches for office workers
‘Workout in Your Workplace’

And for those of you into Yoga (which we highly recommend) here’s some 5 minute workout clips you can do at home:

Kids @ Home – we’ve got you covered! This list is HUGE!!!!!!

We have a very long, extensive list for you! It’s based on the good ol’ USofA but there’s some wonderful resources in here that we can all sift through and use. We’ll put this whole list up separately on our Website and FB Community too for you! Here’s a very small snapshot but there are over 100 ideas for you – websites for Zoo tours, National Park Tours, Tutorials, Quizzes, Science, Math, English, Music, Coding, Arts & Craft, – it’s got EVERYTHING and for all ages!!! A huge Thank You to the fabulous Martin Clan for sharing this list

The San Diego Zoo has a website just for kids with amazing videos, activities, and games. Enjoy the tour! https://kids.sandiegozoo.org/ ✅Tour Yellowstone National Park!
https://www.nps.gov/…/lea…/photosmultimedia/virtualtours.htm ✅Explore the surface of Mars on the Curiosity Rover.
https://accessmars.withgoogle.com/ ✅This Canadian site FarmFood 360 offers 11 Virtual Tours of farms from minks, pigs, and cows, to apples and eggs. https://www.farmfood360.ca/ ✅Indoor Activities for busy toddlers
https://busytoddler.com/2020/03/indoor-activities/… ✅Play games and learn all about animals
https://switchzoo.com/ ✅Play with fave show characters and learn too https://pbskids.org/ ✅Travel to Paris, France to see amazing works of art at The Louvre with this virtual field trip.
https://www.louvre.fr/en/visites-en-ligne ✅This Virtual Tour of the Great Wall of China is beautiful and makes history come to life.
https://www.thechinaguide.com/destinati…/great-wall-of-china ✅Math and Reading games https://www.funbrain.com/   ✅Work on the 8 parts of speech https://www.grammaropolis.com/ ✅Learn all about cells https://www.cellsalive.com/ ✅All sorts of learning here if you dig in https://www.google.com/earth/ ✅Scratch draws students of all types into coding and lays a foundation for future learning. https://scratch.mit.edu/ ✅A wonderful, endlessly detailed way to get kids engaged in the world of art. https://www.metmuseum.org/art/online-features/metkids/ ✅Tests kids’ geography skills. Using images from Google’s Street View, it plops players down in the middle of the street and asks them to figure out where they are. https://www.geoguessr.com/ ✅Allows students to type in any city, state, or country to view an archive of historical photographs and other documents. It’s a unique way to help them learn about history.
http://www.whatwasthere.com// ✅Short videos about numbers that help kids explore complex math topics and make math more fun. https://www.numberphile.com/ ✅A human visualization platform that allows students to explore the human body in really cool ways. https://human.biodigital.com/login?returnUrl=/dashboard ✅Helps kids learn to appreciate the arts by providing them with the opportunity to play games, conduct investigations, and explore different forms of art. https://artsology.com/  

Support Local.

Finally, with more and more restrictions in place and more to come no doubt, support Local. So many of our Community are doing it tough, and you know this, pivoting and making their business adaptable to CVOID-19.

Let’s continue to support our lovely community – Cafes, Restaurants, Craft Breweries and of course, our Farmers. Most of these places can still offer Take-Aways but can also home delivery. So treat yourself, and we know if you can, you’ll continue to be an amazing Human and share the love.

Take care, let’s continue to be safe and kind. We’ve loved hearing from you and talking to you during this time, we’re here to help and value you!

Happy Wacky Wednesday.

The Team @ Inspired People

Inspired People Community

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