OH&S Consulting

by Helen Butler , 27 February 2018

Do you need someone to look at your business, assess risk and then manage it for you?  How much more time and paperwork is OH&S taking?  You need an expert to manage this for you, and we have a team of dedicated OH&S and Environmental Specialists whose sole joy in their career is to mitigate risk for you, ensure the safety of your people, make sure SOPs are followed, staff are trained, procedures are followed, and ensure a safe working environment for your business.

You will have a personalised, on-site approach, assessment, and advice, as well as follow-up training and legislation requirements.  We believe safety and care for your employees and staff is paramount, we work with you to ensure the safety and compliance of your business.  With the rise in bullying, fines, criminal convictions, can you afford not to be safe?

We also have access to Allied Health Professionals to manage any rehab requirements, as well as experienced Workers’ Compensation Specialists, experienced in State based legislation requirements as well as Self-Insurance Models.

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