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by Helen Butler , 11 November 2020

One thing my new team at Reddin Group have experienced over the recent lockdowns is just how fast time seemed to go! One minute it was March and now……well, it’s November and we’re only a few short weeks away from Christmas.

Each year at around this time we write to our clients to talk about upcoming recruitment needs. 2021 beckons and with it comes a brave new year and some challenges for us all. What is it going to mean in terms of an economic recovery? What’s it going to mean in terms of resourcing? What is that rare top talent going to be doing, regardless of their level? What am I going to have to pay to attract that talent and, importantly, retain it? This is where I believe we can help.

Some economic pundits are predicting a post- World War 2 recovery in 2021, especially if a vaccine is delivered. In other words, the flood gates will open and the economy will boom. Others are predicting something akin to the post-GFC period – a slower return punctuated with bubbles of high activity. Regardless, many of our clients are already thinking about what has to be done within their businesses to take advantage of opportunities that present. We’re facilitating many SLT meetings as businesses look to ensure they have their structure right, that role clarity exists, that job specifications reflect their new reality, and that KPIs are in place and cascade from the top. They are working to ensure they have the right people in the right jobs and that their teams are upskilled and ready to perform.

Already some of our clients are working with us to shape recruitment briefs for pre-Christmas or post New Year launch so they can have new team members in place by early 2021. They understand that:

  • Many individuals review their careers over the Christmas/New Year break and think about changing roles.
  • If bonuses are paid at year end, many people wait to receive their bonus and then plan their next move.
  • Families set new goals around life (even more noticeable than ever before) and that this can lead to career reorientation.
  • The number of people hitting the job market in January and February increases dramatically, meaning greater numbers of candidates for each role.
  • Many organisations mount a recruitment rush in the New Year, meaning more jobs become available and therefore more competition for that rare top talent candidate.

So, how can we help?

Whether it is through:

  • Research based executive search, advertised search or advertised selection,
  • Permanent Staff recruitment, 
  • Contract specialists, or
  • HR Solutions to meet all your people and organisational needs,

we can tailor a solution to help you. Those solutions might include:

  • Full service recruitment support
  • Post-box support – fronting the assignment for you to preserve your anonymity, advertising, screening and shortlisting, and handing suitable candidates to you for interview. We remove all the pressure of assignment administrivia!
  • Partial recruitment support – interviewing as part of your panel, reference checking, psychological appraisal, credential verification
  • Shortlist Assessment – we can apply our renowned Assessment Interview Techniques to further assess your own shortlist in great depth, providing strong evidence of potential through understanding strengths, development needs and weaknesses in line with your selection criteria, plus an assessment of cultural fit and an associated development and retention plan.

We support our clients right around Australia, in both capital city and regional/country locations. With offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, and with all assignments handled by Partners in the business, you can be assured that your recruitment work won’t be pushed to inexperienced, junior consultants working in the backroom. I’d love the chance to have a conversation about any upcoming needs you might have, and how we might tailor a solution for you. May I call you over the next couple of weeks and we can have a virtual coffee to chat about you, your team and plan for your requirements going forward.

Thanks so much,


Helen Butler


m +61 413 15 88 77
p 1300 018 633
a Melbourne + Brisbane + Sunshine Coast
w reddingroup.com.au
e helen@reddingroup.com.au

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