Isn’t it time it was ALL about YOU!

by Helen Butler , 21 August 2015

As the financial year heads off into the sunset, weve barely caught our breath before performance reviews must be pumped out, and we launch our strategic plans for 2015/16.  

 So its time for a breather – this newsletter is all about YOU. Lets stop and think about how youve performed over the last 12 months, and take a moment to ponder about whats next for you.

GIVE WAY:  Take stock and capitalise on your learnings for the last 12 months.  Reinforce the 1-2 areas that require rushing up so that you are in a stronger position in 12 months time to take that next step.  Action: Let’s get you a mentor and further training possibilities to ensure that you round-out your skill set and can jump at promotion opportunities.

STOP:   It’s time to think about a change. You’ve been a Generalist for 8+ years now and it’s time to re-assess your expertise, interests and skills.   Action: Let’s catch up and discuss this, is it time to specialise, what fields, what do you need to do to get there?

DO NOT ENTER:   You’re at the cross roads.  Are you coming back from maternity leave, a career break, or unsure if HR is still the path for you? Unsure about how to manage home, work, family, leisure pursuits and that happiness bubble  Action: Coffee time.  Let’s assess and determine where you’re at and what is going to work for you as you carry on with professionalism and dignity.

Lets look at whats ahead in both your private and professional life. What are your pain points? What career signposts are you facing as you head into the next financial year? Action: Let’s get you a mentor and further training possibilities to ensure that you round-out your skill set and can jump at promotion opportunities.

Weve put together some soul-searching questions so you can contemplate where youre heading.

  • If youre managing apart-time workforce, how do you achieve successful flexibility that works on a commercial level?
  • How do youmanage those unproductive long-term employees onto greener pastures?
  • When competing with your competitors, what can set you apartin the race for talent?
  • Areyou at the forefront of new systems and innovations on people initiatives? Are you building strong, empowering relationships with your managers?
  • Are you an effective leader? What does your team really think about you? Are you developing them to a high standard?

At a more personal level:

  • Should you specialise?
  • How relevant will the HR Generalist be in 5 years time?
  • Is change management an area you should be heading into?
  • Are you ready to step up the corporate ladder and take a senior leadership role? If so, how?
  • Would you like to take a career break or return to work after an absence? How do you manage your expectations and discuss these with your employer?

We understand what youre going through and were here to help.  Theres nothing like solid, professional and confidential advice to keep you on top of whats happening in the market – so youre informed, successful, capable, and can continue to provide a strong business acumen to your managers.

When we love what we do it holds greater meaning for us. We care more. If you dont love what you do, change it. You owe it to yourself to love your work.”          Gail Kelly @ Westpacs Ruby Connection: 2012

Lets make sure you keep loving what you do for the next 12 months!

Inspired People Solutions is a team of dedicated HR professionals who care for our clients businesses and our candidates personal career objectives. We provide solid, well-rounded, honest and confidential business and career solutions to help you achieve your goals.  Please check out what our valued clients and candidates have to say about us: 

So, lets catch up for coffee and discuss YOU, as you head into 2015/16 financial year with renewed vigour, enthusiasm and confidence. YOU are worth the investment of a cuppa and a 60 minute chat!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

The Team @ Inspired People Solutions



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