HR Considerations for Back to Work

by Helen Butler , 10 June 2020

Business will need to develop a HR policy that includes the measures the business is actively taking to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus. The policy also needs to specify the expectations of all staff so mutual obligations can be met, mitigating any risk to business and ensuring optimal employee health, wellbeing and support.

The policy may focus on:

  • Personal leave arrangements
  • Working from home requests & individual flexibility requests (and subsequent agreements)
  • Travelling/Commuting measures
  • General Hygiene Rules
  • Ongoing ergonomic assessment and review of working from home arrangements   
  • Responsibilities of the mutual obligations in managing the control of infectious diseases

Additionally, business will need to have strict measures in place that relate to meetings, social events, travel and post-travel requirements, and working from home policies and agreements.

Please bear in mind that during this “return to normal” there has historically been a reluctance by Managers to allow flexible work arrangements or remote working as there has been a management style of “presenteeism” rather than “measured output”.  Since we have all been thrust into the remote working environment and adjusted superbly, Managers should be prepared to welcome and be ready for flexible work requests.  It could be as simple as working from home some days, however, also be prepared for reduced hours, reduced workload, change to roles and potential job-share requests.

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