Getting Back to Business | A practical guide to business post COVID-19

by Helen Butler , 22 May 2020

In early March 2020, Australia was forced to immediately settle into a new (and temporary) socially distancing and self isolating way of being.  We picked ourselves up out of our office based jobs, moved to working from home practically overnight and worked collectively on business as usual, or what the new usual has turned out to be.  It has impacted each of us, and yet our experiences and responses will be different – same storm, different boat. Business has not been immune to these changes, and as a society and business there are more complex issues for organisations and employees, as our ‘return to work’ is imminent.  Business need to start navigating appropriate programs and be flexible as the work situation and arrangement may and could change.

So, what are the elements that business leaders and HR practitioners need to be considering to safeguard lives, livelihoods, communities and their business?

We have endeavoured to provide you with insights and considerations across:

  • Health and Safety;
  • People Management;
  • Mental Wellness; and
  • Legal

On behalf of the Team @ Inspired People Solutions, we trust you will find this Guide and the resources provided useful.  As always, we are here to help guide you and assist you with managing your HR issues and ensuring the ongoing success of your business.

Helen Butler | Director | HR & Talent Business Partner. | Inspired People Solutions

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