Gail Kelly

by Helen Butler , 14 March 2015

Women with Children

“As a woman”, says Kelly, “… you have to make choices with regard to your life and your career. There is no doubt it’s hard. I myself have four children, so life my life is very full. You make choices with regard to how you prioritise, and how you manage your whole life, but again, key to one’s success is loving what you do, being very happy in what you do, enjoying working with and through people and prioritising and being pretty focused on what matters.

“I prioritise my whole life, not just my work life. I don’t seek to compartmentalise my life and I make sure I prioritise the absolutely crucial family events, and absolutely crucial activities that surround my four children.”

Inside Business on ABC: 2 May 2004

Kelly’s quotes provide an insight into her success, revealing her passion for women in corporate executive roles, the importance of being positive and her dedication to work and family.

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