FlexConnect Community

FlexConnect Community

by Helen Butler , 24 August 2015

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At Inspired People Solutions, we’re passionate about flexibility in the workplace. Not just for our return-to-work Mums and Dads, but for those who’ve chosen the path to flexibility for a range of reasons.

We say thank you to those of you paving the way on flexibility! You’re not on your own, but you’re in very small numbers and the envy or alot of people.  Inspired People Solutions is here to help you – to help make sure the flexibility ride and format is beneficial to everyone!  The way in which we work is changing and we need your help to know what you’re doing and how you’re doing it!

Flexibility is often aligned with negative connotations and put in the too hard basket. We are looking to work with you to create our FlexConnect Community to showcase a broad spectrum of of flexibility.  This can include (but certainly not limited to) the following flexibility options:

  • job share
  • 9-day fortnights
  • school hours
  • less than 5 days/week
  • varied hours.

We need to hear from you, your experiences, work possibilities and realities, across a broad spectrum of roles, responsibilities and organisations.

IR3We need your help in resourcing the powerful FlexConnect Community and reaching our goal, to have flexibility for everyone available at all levels of business. CEO and leadership roles are not often associated with flexibility, but we are on a quest to prove that they can be.  In fact, we’re on a quest to prove that all roles can be flexible!

How do we combine professional, personal and family lives to create a fun, healthy and satisfying balance? With the wealth of your experience, we’ll be one step closer to discovering the answer.

We would love you to take just 5 minutes to provide us with your experiences and wishes on flexibility to help us better support and advise those wanting to return to work, to change career direction and anyone seeking a professional shoulder to lean on and gain flexibility in their workplace. Be a champion of change, we look forward to your thoughts!

Join us to discuss Flexibility in all its shapes and sized:




PodCast: Chewing the Fat on Flexibility


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