Farewell Summer ….. Now let’s get some work done together.

by Helen Butler , 28 February 2018

So, we’re what, 4 weeks into the School Term and I’ve been able to sit at my desk and work, solidly for 4 weeks.  It’s amazing.  It’s so nice, to get back into the swing of things, to have conversations with you all, work on some amazing projects that I’ve had the privilege of working on and knowing that your network of gorgeous people haven’t forgotten you, they remember you when you strutted around Collins St in your French suits and typical recruiter black folder and how networked and resourceful you were.  The French suits maybe a bit tighter (that baby belly is still proving a bit tough to move and this might because of the 640g Party Bucket of M&Ms on my desk ……) but it’s fabulous to be strutting my stuff with Inspired People and working on some great assignments again.

Thank you so much to those who I have caught up with, you’ve been wonderful, we’ve done some amazing work, solved some HR issues AND placed a few amazing people in their new roles.  We’ve had the pleasure of working within the aged care, health and manufacturing industries the past few weeks, and also crossing “liaising” with a local Council or two, always having to smile sweetly and nod as the steam of infuriation and dealing with bureaucracy tends to bring fury forth …..

Story of the Week:  In liaising within a Regional Council this week, snakes are an OH&S issue, and yes, I find snakes creepy too.  Terribly terrifying in fact! But this individual, cannot leave their office and inspect sites until winter, when snakes sleep.  Yep, you guessed it, as someone whose core function is to audit, risk assess a number of infrastructure sites in their region, they cannot do it until Winter, when the snakes are sleeping, as they are “older now, can’t move as fast and it’s an OH&S issue”.  It brings to bare the question, what are you doing in the job if you can’t do your core job, but also balancing out the risk and safety issues for an individual too …… it’s an interesting conundrum to be faced with and to consult your way through that …. Sometimes HR’s risk mitigation means you just want to sigh …..

Disaster of the Week (OK, well let’s face it, Disaster of the Month): And there’s Barnaby – bye bye Barnaby.  What a series of balls ups.  I agree wholeheartedly with his resignation.  Well done, took too long to make that choice, but I am aggrieved and concerned on a few levels.  Firstly, for all the innocent bystanders, so very sorry, and it’s great that they’ve been relatively left alone and Barnaby is wearing most of this.

But, Barnaby’s going to the back bench so he can finish writing a book AND welcome his new baby.  Why doesn’t he just quit politics altogether?  You’re there to serve the people, not swill water with Tony Abbot (Sniper Abbot, so childish to carry on with his sniping from the back bench when MT goes away, he should go to Margie’s childcare centre and play in the sandpit with all the other Toddlers and he might learn lessons in how to behave like a decent human being), why does he get the luxury of living off tax payer dollars when essentially, he’s taking a little vacation to write a book and have a child …. I’m perplexed.

Now, we’re two months into 2018, the last day of Summer is upon us and we have some wonderful candidates who are looking for their next roles – here’s a snapshot of some great talent you can snap up.

HR Business Partner:  An experienced HRBP with over 15 years experience within large global organisations.  A strong generalist background, advisory skills are superb, business partnering with strategic projects to deliver results for business.  Involved in large scale change projects across regions (Asia Pacific) and for cultural and technical restructures.  Experience within the pharmaceutical, airline, entertainment industries, a loyal and committed individual who brings a lot of experience to the table.

Available Now for Contract or Permanent roles.

HR Advisor:  A strong HR advisor who has worked in the majority of contract roles for the past 5 years.  Looking for 4 – 5 days/week work, back in the Advisory space where the client group will partner with her to build competence, coach Managers and ensure compliance.  Available Now for Contract or Permanent Roles

Executive Performance Leaders:  A high calibre, driven, results focussed individual who has had global exposure for setting organisational behavioural change within organisations.  Key accomplishments are when bringing out the best in others, assisting organisations to reach their strategic goals.  Also working with Senior Executives to renew, strengthen and align their Management capabilities.  Experience globally, around professional services, universities, manufacturing, finance, insurance and some NFPs.

Of course, it goes without saying, the sun is shining brightly, we look forward to continue to work with you on your HR and Recruitment requirements. 

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