by Helen Butler , 17 March 2020

Since COVID-19 hit our shores at rapid pace recently, there’s been some communication from us about how we can help you get through this crisis. 

You’ve indicated that some of your key pain points are:

  1. Setting up staff to work from home;
  2. Communication around working from home;
  3. Mitigating you safety risk and ensuring the well being of your staff;
  4. How do you keep productivity moving;
  5. What’s next ….. how long will this last?

Please join our FaceBook Group at Pandemic Partners which will send out updates and information to equip you to make the appropriate choices and give you information and checklists to mitigate your risk and manage this Pandemic as well as you can.

So, telling your staff and communicating with them to work from home – we’ve got a template for you.  Click here to access it.

OHS/Ergonomic Assessments and Self Assessments of the Home Office – here’s some templates for you.  Click here to access the OH&S and Employee Self-Assessment Checklist.

Our Favourite Agile People – Agile 11 are hosting a range of seminars to assist your Managers to become Remote Ready and keep productivity and work flowing.  Click here to access it.

There are other issues that you’ve raised | mental health of your workforce, how long this CVOID-19 pandemic will last ….. these are all things that we’ll bring you information on in the coming days.

We’re here to equip you and set you up right.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help you, mitigate your risks.

All the best,

Your Team

Inspired People Solutions

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