2017 Snapshot | What’s Happening to HR?

by Helen Butler , 14 November 2017

The HR Marketplace .-. What’s Happening?

The HR sector has experienced a considerable improvement in hiring activity compared to the last few years. While the employment market is buoyant, business is strong and confidence is growing as we move more towards a digital age and HR continues to be evolving to be a more specialist function than Generalist.  Impersonal call centres / help desks have popped up, transactional interactions are here, but will they stay? Is the Human coming out of Human Resources?  Managers’ still sigh when they have to involve HR, are we an impediment/hinderance or a help?  It reminds me of the old adage, if you do something right the first time, you won’t have to do it again ….. follow the advice from HR!

We are seeing recruitment taking place at the HR Advisor level of the market to support HR Business Partners who have been without day to day operational support and with the advent of a more agile and flexible workforce, there’s an increased confidence in the market.  Professionals in operational functions such as Learning and Development, Organisational Development, Change Management & Communications, Recruitment and HR Generalist areas is increasingly in demand.  HR Administrators through to HR Business Partners are truly still required to have strong Generalist functions, however, the Analysts and Reporting functions are in high demand as the chase for profits and efficiencies continues.

It’s that time of year again …

Christmas is coming and so is the restlessness of the Festive Season, where people take time to spend with family and re-evaluate what the New Year will entail for them.  In our reviews with clients recently, it continues to be the trend that it’s not salary increases that are the top requirements for retaining good staff, its’ incentive programs for employees with other benefits such as workplace flexibility and training programs will need to be considered to remain competitive and retain staff.

Click here to get a snapshot of salary ranges for the year ending 2017

What’s ahead for 2017 … With an unsteady political climate, an upcoming Queensland election, the climate change debate ranging and instability from our Federal Leaders around Plebiscites, Citizenship, the business world keeps on ticking along seeking to become more profitable and agile.  The need for more contract and specialist staff is on the rise, with Business Analysts now requiring Agile, Lean or Six Sigma methodologies and fixing IT and ongoing pipeline issues with big software providers.  The more technical and Agile business becomes, the more important HR is to mitigate risk, retain top talent, reward employees and manage a talent pool.

As employee numbers rise in the contract or casual project need space, the need for HR specialists will also grow in order to manage HR systems, assist with expansion/acquisitions, attraction and retention strategies as well as consider infrastructure to comply with legislation.   The sharp rise in demand for mid level HR professionals is predicted to continue until companies have the operational capacity to support their rate of growth and allow HR Business Parnters to work with the Senior Leadership Team on strategic business initiatives.  Whilst the economy continues to strengthen over the next six to 12 months, organisations will also need strategic roles to create long-term plans aligning people goals with business goals. This makes it likely that senior level strategic roles in Organisational Design, Change Management and Learning and Development will become more active in the market.

*  These roles are subject to specialist Contractors as well, these fees range from a Junior BA at $650/day + GST to a senior Change Management at $1350/day + GST.

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HR Snapshot 2017

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