Project Specialists


Project Specialists:

We also provide employers with specialist contractors who may suit their short-term project requirements:

  • Agile, Lean and Six Sigma Project Managers
  • OH&S Consultants
  • Organisational Development Consultants
  • Instructional Designers
  • L&D Managers
  • Facilitators and Trainers
  • Change Management Consultants
  • Recruitment Consultants / Managers
  • Lead Auditors – SHE Managers
  • Coaches / Mentors
  • Remuneration & Benefit Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Administration Assistants
  • Employee Relations / Industrial Relations Consultants
  • Employment Lawyers
  • Chief Financial Officer

OH&S Consulting

Do you need someone to look at your business, assess risk and then manage it for you?  How much more time and paperwork is OH&S taking?  You need an expert to manage this for you, and we have a team of dedicated OH&S and Environmental Specialists whose sole joy in their career is to mitigate risk for you, ensure the safety of your people, make sure SOPs are followed, staff are trained, procedures are followed, and ensure a safe working environment for your business.

You will have a personalised, on-site approach, assessment, and advice, as well as follow-up training and legislation requirements.  We believe safety and care for your employees and staff is paramount, we work with you to ensure the safety and compliance of your business.  With the rise in bullying, fines, criminal convictions, can you afford not to be safe?

We also have access to Allied Health Professionals to manage any rehab requirements, as well as experienced Workers’ Compensation Specialists, experienced in State based legislation requirements as well as Self-Insurance Models.


HR Consulting

We make HR easy, stress free, and take the weight of compliance and people management off your plate, so you can concentrate on what you do best, running your business.

Our HR consulting services help you recruit, develop and retain top performers in your business. Simply put, it’s about getting the most out of your people and giving them development paths. People, your most important asset, ultimately determine the success of an organisation’s strategy and the challenge for HR practitioners is to focus employees in their behaviours and strategies that will ensure you achieve success in your business.

To complement our recruitment expertise, we have a HR consulting business with dedication and experienced HR professionals – Inspired HR Consulting.  We provide solutions and advice on all aspects of HR, including:

  • Compliance with legislation, awards and agreements;
  • Industrial relations advice;
  • Payroll compliance;
  • Consultants who can work part-time in your business on all aspects of HR
  • Specialist recruitment campaigns
  • Change management projects
  • Restructure, OD and redundancy management
  • OHS Audit, compliance and recommendations

Whether you want to gain insight into the personality traits and behaviours of your current and incumbent employees, measure the performance of new employees, understand your organisation’s unique culture, retain your star performers, or identify and develop the leaders of tomorrow, our experienced HR Consultants, ensure your HR function is supporting your business objectives and mitigating risk, we will work with you to optimise your workforce and deliver the results you are looking for.

New PodCast: Kim Grady updates us on Gourmet Roaming ….


We welcome back Kim Grady to our PodCast as she updates us on all things Gourmet Roaming, and what has bought her back home, the dangers of hiking, and falling, and seriously hurting yourself, and being carried down a Mountain by some amazing strangers, meeting McDreamy and his gorgeous girlfriend, the kindness of strangers and the path of what’s next ….. it was and is, always a pleasure to Chew the Fat with the effervescently positive Kim Grady.  Follow her adventures @GourmetRoaming and we hope you enjoy this chat.

Click here to enjoy the Chat!

Our Workplace Relations System is Broken …..

This was and is a big call made by one of Australia’s pre-eminent Workplace Relations Specialists – Michael Harmer, Chairman of Harmers Workplace Lawyers.

Never one to sit on the fence on a human rights, equal opportunity, discrimination and workplace relations dispute, Mr Harmer has come out swinging on this one, and some will applaud him, some will not.  Having worked with this kind Man for a number of years, and followed his ever-increasing public profile as he shines the light on his perceived injustices in the workplace and the world, it was, with not so much a surprise, but a salute to him that he took up the cause for NSW people who would be affected by yet another Union, seemingly forced to bully its key stakeholders, inconveniencing its millions of customers across the State, all because two parties were unable to sit around a table and negotiate, in good faith a reasonable outcome for their employees and/or members.  Strikes are not new to our system, but the unfairness of them is and the ability to stop them, although the power is there, seems to bob up and down like some floating wood on the tide.  Gets bashed around by waves, ends up on shore and then sucked out again to bob up and down and generally, have no focus, direction or outcome other than to be pushed around.   But Mr Harmer took action, and his piece leads to a more interesting and thought provoking argument …… is our system broken?

Our Workplace Relations System, Fair Work, bought in under the Gillard Government was hailed as a major success.  In fact, it seemed to me that going through the process of award “modernisation”, this time it was Lawyers rubbing their gleeful hands together, much like the IT crowd at the turn of the millennium – everything will fall apart unless I hold your hand through every single step of the process.  Who would have thought numbers were at the crux of so much, and yet they are.

It always comes down to numbers doesn’t it?    Mr Harmer’s take on the situation and his resolute action, saw this matter move to cause minimal harm to commuters and business.  But, as Mr Harmer puts it …. is our system “old-fashioned and inefficient” if the only option left for waring parties is to result to this cause of action.

Read Mr Harmer’s article here. 

What are your thoughts? Would be great to hear your experiences.

2018 is here – let’s partner up!

So, 2018 has arrived, where has the first month gone exactly?

This week officially marks a major milestone for me.  I’ve managed to raise my two small boys into little men and they’ve ventured off to School.  School. I made it.  I can sit back and relax for 5-6 hours a day, enjoy my own company, again.  Finally, yet not so finally ….


People said I wouldn’t know myself.  People said I’ll be a mess, a wreck, I’ll have to find things to do for myself now.. well, about a week ago, I started getting a little bit excited.  My brain started to turn back on, my crippling self doubt, self esteem abyss and anxiety started to fade away.  What was this determination not to solve things, to let little things overwhelm me  after I had kids – now I’m determined to try to fix my own problems and not be bought to tears by the craziness of life and having no control over it …… I feel like I’ve turned a corner.  Have you felt like that at all?  Have you sent your little precious wee ones off to School and realised, I can start doing stuff again …

People might say I’ve had it easy …. But in my time since having my first boy, almost 6 years ago, I went from running an amazingly fun and vibrant company which I loved, to relocating to Brisbane when he was just 4 months old, working remotely, having a Husband that was called to work intestate 5 days/week, fell pregnant with my 2ndchild, continued to run a business, realised Brisbane was not our solution, had baby #2, somehow survived the blur that is 2 kids under 14 months old, moved to a small regional coastal town with no friends or family to be close to the beach – and still worked and then returned to Melbourne with kids, dogs and husband in tow to re-establish ourselves into the brilliant Melbourne life…. and then, travelled around this gorgeous country in a Caravan, testing the relativity and possibility of working remotely as we saw so many beautiful sites (this place really rocks!)  ….  I mean, seriously, who does this crazy stuff, I think someone who is flying by the seat of their pants and can’t sit still!


No body, I mean NO BODY tells you how hard kids are.  How the relentlessness of serving these little beings that require your every ounce of energy, patience, love and care can be so H A R D.  Confession: I loved my kids most when they were asleep.  Oh the joy I felt when I made it through a day and their little peepers closed and their faces looked so angellic.  I forgot about the haze of my parental craze – I had managed to keep them alive, didn’t snap too much, made sure they ate well, didn’t eat dirt or paint, didn’t break a bone and had an adventure at somewhere wonderful …… and the only thing I managed to do for myself was glug wine.  And glug I did.  Who doesn’t?  Who wouldn’t? Self discipline, time for self was replaced by exhaustion.

Don’t get me wrong, that hasn’t gone away, when I have my little Cherubs running around on the weekends I’m really really really hanging for a nap during the day.  Where exactly do they get their energy from?  Work is so much easier than kids.  Who needs a nap when you’re at work, dealing with complex problems that are itching to be solved and you can have a logical, thought provoking, idea inspiring discussion about it rather than dealing with a 2 or 4 year old who don’t understand reason, just screaming.

So here I am, 2018 ready and willing to be able to have a conversation, an adult conversation about life, work, loves, passions, career progression, and not be interrupted by someone constantly, who bellows at you for food, drink, play  ….. to be back in your world, I must say I’m incredibly excited.

So, as the School year kicks into gear, I’m ready.  So ready to get back into work.  So ready to start doing things for me and YOU.  So ready to embrace some of my old life back.  My ability to think, to solve problems on my own, to talk work, career, business goals, life goals, career objectives, change of career, talk about you.  Join me, as 2018 is the year to be invigorated, harnessed, focussed and achieve some amazing things.

Let’s get back together again, I’ve missed you and am here to help you in your journey.

Here’s a little sampler of our new PodCast for 2018 – Chewing the Fat on Flexibility with myself and Leonie Green.  An easy, thought provoking and fun discussion about life, loves, work and trying to do it all, failing and laughing.

Chewing the Fat on Flexibility PodCast

2017 Snapshot | What’s Happening to HR?


The HR Marketplace .-. What’s Happening?

The HR sector has experienced a considerable improvement in hiring activity compared to the last few years. While the employment market is buoyant, business is strong and confidence is growing as we move more towards a digital age and HR continues to be evolving to be a more specialist function than Generalist.  Impersonal call centres / help desks have popped up, transactional interactions are here, but will they stay? Is the Human coming out of Human Resources?  Managers’ still sigh when they have to involve HR, are we an impediment/hinderance or a help?  It reminds me of the old adage, if you do something right the first time, you won’t have to do it again ….. follow the advice from HR!

We are seeing recruitment taking place at the HR Advisor level of the market to support HR Business Partners who have been without day to day operational support and with the advent of a more agile and flexible workforce, there’s an increased confidence in the market.  Professionals in operational functions such as Learning and Development, Organisational Development, Change Management & Communications, Recruitment and HR Generalist areas is increasingly in demand.  HR Administrators through to HR Business Partners are truly still required to have strong Generalist functions, however, the Analysts and Reporting functions are in high demand as the chase for profits and efficiencies continues.

It’s that time of year again …


Christmas is coming and so is the restlessness of the Festive Season, where people take time to spend with family and re-evaluate what the New Year will entail for them.  In our reviews with clients recently, it continues to be the trend that it’s not salary increases that are the top requirements for retaining good staff, its’ incentive programs for employees with other benefits such as workplace flexibility and training programs will need to be considered to remain competitive and retain staff.

Click here to get a snapshot of salary ranges for the year ending 2017

What’s ahead for 2017 … With an unsteady political climate, an upcoming Queensland election, the climate change debate ranging and instability from our Federal Leaders around Plebiscites, Citizenship, the business world keeps on ticking along seeking to become more profitable and agile.  The need for more contract and specialist staff is on the rise, with Business Analysts now requiring Agile, Lean or Six Sigma methodologies and fixing IT and ongoing pipeline issues with big software providers.  The more technical and Agile business becomes, the more important HR is to mitigate risk, retain top talent, reward employees and manage a talent pool.

As employee numbers rise in the contract or casual project need space, the need for HR specialists will also grow in order to manage HR systems, assist with expansion/acquisitions, attraction and retention strategies as well as consider infrastructure to comply with legislation.   The sharp rise in demand for mid level HR professionals is predicted to continue until companies have the operational capacity to support their rate of growth and allow HR Business Parnters to work with the Senior Leadership Team on strategic business initiatives.  Whilst the economy continues to strengthen over the next six to 12 months, organisations will also need strategic roles to create long-term plans aligning people goals with business goals. This makes it likely that senior level strategic roles in Organisational Design, Change Management and Learning and Development will become more active in the market.


*  These roles are subject to specialist Contractors as well, these fees range from a Junior BA at $650/day + GST to a senior Change Management at $1350/day + GST.

CONTACT US for more information.


HR Snapshot 2017

We’re Hiring: HR Advisor

Are you at a point in your career where you’ve been a HR Generalist for a few years, have your generalist skills down pat, but just need to be given your wings and fly solo with your own portfolio, BUT have a great Mentor to guide you to round out your skill-set?

Well, we have that role for you. Working within a large Australian organisation with over 2,000 employees Australia wide, this role is working with the Regional HR Manager to deliver on all operational HR functions within Victoria.

You will be responsible for all aspects of the end to end Human Resources function:

* Coaching Managers and training Staff;

* Providing HR advice on a range of issues;

* Recruitment;

* Salary and performance reviews;

* Retention, talent management career development;

* Policy development, refinement, compliance, legislation and interpretation;

* Strong experience with employee relations and industrial relations issues.

This role has versatility in terms of work variety and location. With 6-7 sites around Victoria, you will be required on site some days – so your own car, travel and the ability to be self motivated, engaged and work autonomously is guaranteed, BUT, you will have a Manager who is supportive, guiding and not micro-managing.

Are you looking to make the move into a Advisory role which truly partners with business leaders to achieve ongoing success within the business? Empathy, care, common sense and a genuine desire to see individuals reach their potential, a desire to see business run smoothly and efficiently bringing a holistic and carefully mature outlook to this role – there’s no doubt you will succeed with these attributes under the guidance and mentorship of this great HR Manager.

This role is based in the eastern suburbs, has an ASAP start, you must have your own car and ability to travel is a requirement.

If this sounds like you, please send your CV with supporting qualifications in your HR field to me, Helen Butler at

Click Here to Apply

The Holiday Queen


Laini Shaw is the Holiday Queen.  And I’m jealous.  She has managed to intrinsically manouvre a HR career and massive chunks of time off to enjoy her passion of travel.

How? What? Why? How? Blink, gulp, how on earth did this HR Professional manage to challenge the status quo, re-align her entrenched professional ethos of 4 weeks annual leave per year and move to a more holistic, laid back, balanced lifestyle.

Well, her gorgeous bloke had something to do with it.  A Mr “Challenge the Status Quo” kind of guy who adores the pants of Laini and gives her passion room to roam and her head space to think.

Laini is fabulous.  She talks us through her background and how she came to breakthrough her thinking of enjoying life more, embracing her passion and loving life more and more, enjoying and thriving in her career and taking stock on what’s important.  Laini lights up my world when I’m around her, I hope she lights up your life for 40 minutes or so and you can enjoy her story.

Laini hopes her chat with Helen will inspire others to think outside the box of 9-5 and do things that make their heart sing – including travel…take that trip!!!

You can check Laini out on Facebook or Instagram – The Occasional Israeli.  

Enjoy x

iTunes: Chewing the Fat on Flexibility


New PodCast: Finding Your Balance


It’s a pleasure to bring you the altogether fabulous Jo Stevens.  Jo is someone who is ridiculously talented, hard working, courageous, smart, delightful and effortlessly classy.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jo for over 8 years now and she helped me pass the dreaded Performance Management Class at Uni – I’m forever grateful Jo!  

Jo and her gorgeous partner Jamie, have a little guy Alfie and some ups and downs along the way which Jo talks about which will break your heart.  We want to acknowledge and thank Jo for sharing her heartfelt story with us, her candour, raw honesty, yet gentle and exploratory way of embracing life, hurdles and all that she shared was truly humbling for me.

Her approach to flexibility, pursuing life and passions and sharing the family load is gorgeous.  She’s considered, smart, breathtakingly refreshing in her pursuit of life.

I take my hat of to you Jo Stevens, you amazing Lady.  Knowing you professionally was an honour, but to have a journey with you into some of your most sacred world and for sharing it with us, was truly special, I sincerely thank you.

Ladies and Gents, the amazing Jo Stevens.

Finding Your Balance