Farewell Summer ….. Now let’s get some work done together.


So, we’re what, 4 weeks into the School Term and I’ve been able to sit at my desk and work, solidly for 4 weeks.  It’s amazing.  It’s so nice, to get back into the swing of things, to have conversations with you all, work on some amazing projects that I’ve had the privilege of working on and knowing that your network of gorgeous people haven’t forgotten you, they remember you when you strutted around Collins St in your French suits and typical recruiter black folder and how networked and resourceful you were.  The French suits maybe a bit tighter (that baby belly is still proving a bit tough to move and this might because of the 640g Party Bucket of M&Ms on my desk ……) but it’s fabulous to be strutting my stuff with Inspired People and working on some great assignments again.

Thank you so much to those who I have caught up with, you’ve been wonderful, we’ve done some amazing work, solved some HR issues AND placed a few amazing people in their new roles.  We’ve had the pleasure of working within the aged care, health and manufacturing industries the past few weeks, and also crossing “liaising” with a local Council or two, always having to smile sweetly and nod as the steam of infuriation and dealing with bureaucracy tends to bring fury forth …..

Story of the Week:  In liaising within a Regional Council this week, snakes are an OH&S issue, and yes, I find snakes creepy too.  Terribly terrifying in fact! But this individual, cannot leave their office and inspect sites until winter, when snakes sleep.  Yep, you guessed it, as someone whose core function is to audit, risk assess a number of infrastructure sites in their region, they cannot do it until Winter, when the snakes are sleeping, as they are “older now, can’t move as fast and it’s an OH&S issue”.  It brings to bare the question, what are you doing in the job if you can’t do your core job, but also balancing out the risk and safety issues for an individual too …… it’s an interesting conundrum to be faced with and to consult your way through that …. Sometimes HR’s risk mitigation means you just want to sigh …..

Disaster of the Week (OK, well let’s face it, Disaster of the Month): And there’s Barnaby – bye bye Barnaby.  What a series of balls ups.  I agree wholeheartedly with his resignation.  Well done, took too long to make that choice, but I am aggrieved and concerned on a few levels.  Firstly, for all the innocent bystanders, so very sorry, and it’s great that they’ve been relatively left alone and Barnaby is wearing most of this.

But, Barnaby’s going to the back bench so he can finish writing a book AND welcome his new baby.  Why doesn’t he just quit politics altogether?  You’re there to serve the people, not swill water with Tony Abbot (Sniper Abbot, so childish to carry on with his sniping from the back bench when MT goes away, he should go to Margie’s childcare centre and play in the sandpit with all the other Toddlers and he might learn lessons in how to behave like a decent human being), why does he get the luxury of living off tax payer dollars when essentially, he’s taking a little vacation to write a book and have a child …. I’m perplexed.

Now, we’re two months into 2018, the last day of Summer is upon us and we have some wonderful candidates who are looking for their next roles – here’s a snapshot of some great talent you can snap up.

HR Business Partner:  An experienced HRBP with over 15 years experience within large global organisations.  A strong generalist background, advisory skills are superb, business partnering with strategic projects to deliver results for business.  Involved in large scale change projects across regions (Asia Pacific) and for cultural and technical restructures.  Experience within the pharmaceutical, airline, entertainment industries, a loyal and committed individual who brings a lot of experience to the table.

Available Now for Contract or Permanent roles.

HR Advisor:  A strong HR advisor who has worked in the majority of contract roles for the past 5 years.  Looking for 4 – 5 days/week work, back in the Advisory space where the client group will partner with her to build competence, coach Managers and ensure compliance.  Available Now for Contract or Permanent Roles

Executive Performance Leaders:  A high calibre, driven, results focussed individual who has had global exposure for setting organisational behavioural change within organisations.  Key accomplishments are when bringing out the best in others, assisting organisations to reach their strategic goals.  Also working with Senior Executives to renew, strengthen and align their Management capabilities.  Experience globally, around professional services, universities, manufacturing, finance, insurance and some NFPs.

Of course, it goes without saying, the sun is shining brightly, we look forward to continue to work with you on your HR and Recruitment requirements. 

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What are People saying about Us?

I found my dealings with Inspired People Solutions to be a breath of fresh air. As a candidate looking for a new opportunity, and having dealt with office based recruitment agencies in the past, my experience was easy, transparent and hassle free.

Helen’s interviewing skills are second to none. With her ability to build immediate rapport and a great understanding of my work background, skills and abilities (established prior to meeting with me via my submitted C.V), I found it very easy to communicate and express my personality, likes and dislikes in what I sought for my next employment opportunity. It was explained to me the opportunities available and each one was thoroughly discussed in the context of my experience and career goals.

Always keeping in touch with me, I was never left wondering where my application status was and once I was placed, the follow up I received post-placement was very proactive and supportive!

A great experience!   Angela Ayre, General Manager of HR ACSAG

I have had an ongoing working relationship with Helen and Inspired for a number of years now. Our business and I has found this relationship to be most rewarding and highly valuable. The services provided by Inspired range much wider than referrals for positions of employment. There is a whole other connection such as the networking evenings that Helen hosts and reference material which is regularly forwarded. Helen is extremely conscientious about ensuring client needs are met and she regularly invites feedback and monitors assignment progress closely which I think is important. Helen and her team are hard working, open and candid to work with.   Alison Starkey, Human Resource Manager at Service Stream Solutions

I have been dealing with IPS since its conception. IPS stand firm on both policy and process. IPS are driven by their values and this is demonstrated thru both client and candidate care. IPS staff are friendly, efficient and always ask plenty of questions which gives me comfort as an employer looking for quality candidates. IPS understand our business and culture and that’s very important to both us and the candidates. With IPS they really know how to delight a client. A job well done to Helen and her team.   Tiffany Smith, Head of Human Resources Australia, Legg Mason Australia

“Helen provided placement services when I was recruiting operational safety staff. Helen was thorough, punctual, consistent and creative – particularly given the labour shortage in the OHS field. We ended up getting an excellent raft of candidates that fit the bill well.”

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert  James Schluter, Senior Associate, Maddocks

“In today’s busy world we all strive to provide for the needs of our clients. Recognising and satisfying these needs often determine our actual success. Whilst we would love to be regarded as the firm that can answer all calls it is often necessary to form strategic alliances with others.

Scales Consulting Group has been fortunate to form such an alliance with Inspired People Solutions and Helen Butler in particular. Helen has proven herself to be hard working, informed and reliable and most of all a trusted friend. Her particular strengths in the HR, OH&S and L&D fields set her apart.

We have completed quite a number of special projects together with full client satisfaction”  Max Scales, Director, Scales Consulting Group

We have been dealing with IPS for the past year and have found them to be highly professional, offering exceptional recruitment solutions for our business needs. The team at IPS are extremely hard working and very reliable, they listen to both the needs of the client and the needs of the candidate which is always very important when placing people in various business environments. Furthermore, Helen always finds time for the candidates she has placed in our business and visits us frequently for a quick chat.  Barbara Vanthoff, Human Resources Manager, Joval Group

IPS are genuinely set apart by striving to better understand the abilities and aspirations of its candidates through an honest and supportive process. They were highly responsive and professional throughout our relationship. Thank you for such an enjoyable recruitment process and rewarding outcome!   Lukas Sigut, HR Advisor, ACSAG

I recently returned from the UK and was looking to continue my career in Australia and IPS were there to help. Not only is their local knowledge excellent, their candidate care and management is exceptional. They were able to provide excellent information to help me make informed choices about my next move and I would not hesitate to use them again in the future as a candidate and would certainly consider addding them to the PSL at the company where I now work.   Allison Findlay, Recruitment Manager, Target

IPS Service Standard? Standard of service, expectations from IPS, and the customer are clearly defined, outlined and articulate. There are no surprises as the details are established and defined within the first meeting.

Process?  The business and professional approach of IPS is outstanding. They go beyond the line of duty for clients and candidates to exceed expectations. Phone calls are answered promptly as are emails.

Approach to Candidate care?  A very effective and businesslike approach in that there is a clear understanding of the process that a candidate must and should go through, when to hand hold and when to let go. Clear assistance and appropriate guidance is provided for as long as required.

Candidate quality?  High quality, specialist, candidates who have been carefully screened to ensure, role, company and like match.

After placement follow up?  Exceptional, and continues as long as appropriate. This is highlighted by the candidates becoming clients and perhaps candidates again as they move through their career and professional development.

Advice to the candidate in the marketplace?  Appropriate, clear relevant with an overlay of a good business understanding of the current market. Very professional, good, honest conversations have to happen to allow the candidate to grow. Excellent and caring advice.

Access to IPS?  Easy, comfortable, prompt follow up when a question is asked.   Confidential and always a helping hand or advice on the end of the phone, in person or on email.

How have you found the relationship in general?  The business relationship has been healthy and evolving.  Good solid input and assistance with IPS.  IPS has warm and highly talented people with a wide range of complementary skills.  Always easy, lots of fun and always make time for their clients and candidates.  I suspect at times they are so dedicated to meeting the needs of their customers that it impinges on their down time.

Great people, strong cohesive team, highly talented and just really good, warm people   Robyn Christie, Women In Leadership Mentor & OHS & Risk Manager

IPS is by far the best experience I’ve ever had with a recruitment agency. IPS are extremely professional, insightful and provide an exceptional service and commitment to it’s clients. They also adopt an open and friendly approach to their business and demonstrate genuine care in after placement follow up. All of these qualities place IPS as a leading recruiter with the ability to successfully attract and retain quality staff.

It goes without saying that I have no hesitation in referring family and friends to IPS.  Alexandra Christopolous , Senior Claims Manager, SISA

‘Having worked for several years in Human Resources in Australia and the UK, IPS is well placed to understand the recruitment needs of clients and candidates. IPS clearly understands the industry intimately, and in my experience maintains professional relations throughout the recruitment process. More importantly, Helen Butler (the Director) delivered on what she said she would do and kept me informed of progress throughout. The integrity, honesty, responsiveness and personalised approach of IPS are of the highest standard to meet both client and candidate needs. From my first meeting it was clear that Helen Butler and Lisa Grantham of IPS listen to your needs and take the time to get to know you and understand your experience, so as to ensure their focus on sourcing the right people with the right experience to satisfy the needs of their clients. If you are looking for a true business partner that will add value to your business, then I would not hesitate to recommend Helen Butler and the team at IPS.’   Angela Sparano – HR Advisor – City of Melbourne

Inspired People Solutions have worked with John Holland to provide quality candidates and assist us to build a high performing Self Insurance team over the past 3 years. Their recruitment process targets the right people and Helen in particular has a great understanding of our team, our business and ensures the candidates put forward are a solid match for our team fit and meet our expectations. The follow up, seeking of feedback and post placement work ensures our needs have been met and that the candidate is also happy with the placement.  Tamara Cracknell, National Manager, Self Insurance, John Holland Group.


I have always found yourself and Lisa to be friendly, efficient and positive in relation to me recruiting needs. A true pleasure to deal with.

When discussing new recruiting needs, I am always confident that you will be able to locate the right person and in cases where you haven’t you have been honest and advised me you have not been able to find any candidates that suit my needs

I have recruited a number of positions with your assistance and although I ham usually only presented with a select few candidates, I have been impressed with the number of those that I have employed. Your ability to tune in and understand what I am looking for has also been very impressive.

I also enjoy the follow up service that you provide, the importance that you place on the after service care has been extremely important to both myself and my new staff members.

Well done !    Ray Swanson, Group Payroll Manager, Adecco


At Inspired People Solutions, we strive to provide the best service we can to the HR marketplace. Our values guide our approach in delivering our services to the market and our candidates.

  • Meeting your expectations:

Listen – We are committed to listening and focusing on your career aspirations and will in turn provide you with open and honest feedback, ideas and innovative solutions to your career progression. We believe in finding innovative and inspired solutions to suit your career progression needs.

Partner – At Inspired People Solutions you will not be treated as a number, we will build a close relationship with you to understand your strengths and what you are looking for in your next role. We value you as a candidate and will take a long-term partnership approach to its relationship with you.

Value – Inspired People Solutions are experienced human resources recruitment consultants who can add value by providing intelligent insights into each assignment and will provide you with a thorough brief on all roles and companies so you have a full understanding of the cultural and technical requirements for each role.

Focus – Inspired People Solutions is purely focused on matching candidates with clients based on a skills, motivation and cultural fit to ensure longevity in this partnership.

Honesty – We pride ourselves on working with candidates to create a professional relationship based on the principles of dignity, honesty, integrity and respect.

Flexible – We are committed to support you in exploring a range of roles and industry types and facilitate the recruitment process for you. We will actively market you to organisations and industry sectors upon discussion and agreement with you. We understand how hectic the working day can be, we pride ourselves on being available to our candidates after hours and at locations, convenient to both parties.

For an interview please submit your details with your CV, please click here and follow the instructions.


  • CV Preparation tips
  • Behavioural Interview Guide Tips
  • 10 Top Questions to Ask at Interview
  • Tips for preparing for interview
  • Contractor Documents

Shortlist Solutions


At Inspired People Solutions we utilise our recruitment expertise for a quicker and more cost effective result when a recruitment search is not required, or assistance with some aspects of your search are required. For a fixed fee, agreed up front, Inspired People Solutions will deliver a shortlist of ideally matched candidates for your vacancy, usually within 10 working days, or at a timeframe agreed at briefing. This is a more effective way to streamline the process for you in terms of candidate selection.

Payroll Management


Inspired Payroll Management is the payroll outsourcing practice of Inspired People Solutions.  We offer a complete suit of employee management services, including a completely online payroll service.

We have also built and managed teams of Payroll Specialists onsite with some of the world’s largest companies.

We have worked across Management, Officers, Business Analysts and Superannuation specialists to meet your team requirements.


Project Specialists


Project Specialists:

We also provide employers with specialist contractors who may suit their short-term project requirements:

  • Agile, Lean and Six Sigma Project Managers
  • OH&S Consultants
  • Organisational Development Consultants
  • Instructional Designers
  • L&D Managers
  • Facilitators and Trainers
  • Change Management Consultants
  • Recruitment Consultants / Managers
  • Lead Auditors – SHE Managers
  • Coaches / Mentors
  • Remuneration & Benefit Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Administration Assistants
  • Employee Relations / Industrial Relations Consultants
  • Employment Lawyers
  • Chief Financial Officer

OH&S Consulting

Do you need someone to look at your business, assess risk and then manage it for you?  How much more time and paperwork is OH&S taking?  You need an expert to manage this for you, and we have a team of dedicated OH&S and Environmental Specialists whose sole joy in their career is to mitigate risk for you, ensure the safety of your people, make sure SOPs are followed, staff are trained, procedures are followed, and ensure a safe working environment for your business.

You will have a personalised, on-site approach, assessment, and advice, as well as follow-up training and legislation requirements.  We believe safety and care for your employees and staff is paramount, we work with you to ensure the safety and compliance of your business.  With the rise in bullying, fines, criminal convictions, can you afford not to be safe?

We also have access to Allied Health Professionals to manage any rehab requirements, as well as experienced Workers’ Compensation Specialists, experienced in State based legislation requirements as well as Self-Insurance Models.


HR Consulting

We make HR easy, stress free, and take the weight of compliance and people management off your plate, so you can concentrate on what you do best, running your business.

Our HR consulting services help you recruit, develop and retain top performers in your business. Simply put, it’s about getting the most out of your people and giving them development paths. People, your most important asset, ultimately determine the success of an organisation’s strategy and the challenge for HR practitioners is to focus employees in their behaviours and strategies that will ensure you achieve success in your business.

To complement our recruitment expertise, we have a HR consulting business with dedication and experienced HR professionals – Inspired HR Consulting.  We provide solutions and advice on all aspects of HR, including:

  • Compliance with legislation, awards and agreements;
  • Industrial relations advice;
  • Payroll compliance;
  • Consultants who can work part-time in your business on all aspects of HR
  • Specialist recruitment campaigns
  • Change management projects
  • Restructure, OD and redundancy management
  • OHS Audit, compliance and recommendations

Whether you want to gain insight into the personality traits and behaviours of your current and incumbent employees, measure the performance of new employees, understand your organisation’s unique culture, retain your star performers, or identify and develop the leaders of tomorrow, our experienced HR Consultants, ensure your HR function is supporting your business objectives and mitigating risk, we will work with you to optimise your workforce and deliver the results you are looking for.

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